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When shopping for a bike for your daughter or granddaughter, it can be overwhelming with all the options on the market. However, not all bikes are alike. In this ultimate guide, we have made a list of the best bikes for girls that are lightweight, durable, and designed to help girls learn and get used to riding them. We will also discuss whether your child needs a balance bike or pedal bike, provide age guidelines, and what to consider before making a purchase. Plus, we have some recommendations for girls who want a bike with a feminine touch. Alternatively, if you are looking for a bike for an adult woman, I recommend this article instead

“When my daughter Emily turned 6, I knew it was time to replace her training wheels with a ‘big kid’ bike. We made a weekend of bike shopping, hitting up some local stores. At the first store, Emily fell in love with a flashy pink bike dripping in frills. But when she struggled to sit on it comfortably, I knew it wasn’t the right fit.

We visited some more shop, then made one last stop at a shop known for sturdy, affordable bikes. A pink Woom 2 with lightweight tires was just perfect. Two years later, Emily is still riding on that trusty Woom 2, now with a basket for her doll. I’m glad we didn’t settle too early.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a lightweight and durable bike for girls
  • Consider whether your child needs a balance bike or a pedal bike
  • Follow sizing guidelines when selecting a bike
  • Look for bikes that inspire confidence and have a feminine touch
  • Consider brands like Woom, Prevelo, Cleary, Pello, Frog, Guardian, and Priority for high-quality options

Do You Need to Buy a “Girls” Bike?

Although many bike brands market “girls bikes” and “boys bikes,” there is not much of a difference between them for kids of this age. If your daughter or granddaughter wants a “boys” bike, there is no reason she shouldn’t have it. However, there are plenty of girls who would prefer a bike with more feminine features.

In this section, we will give you some “girls” bikes and provide a guide to pick the right bike for girls. Our goal is to help you have an idea of what bike to choose after finishing this guide

Girly Bikes for Every Age

If your child prefers a bike with feminine features, we have made a list of girly bikes for every age. These bikes not only have beautiful designs but also offer good quality, durability, and performance as other bikes in the market.

Age RangeBrandModelDescription
3-5 yearsWoomWoom 2A lightweight bike with feminine color options, perfect for young riders.
6-8 yearsPreveloPrevelo Alpha TwoA stylish bike with a girly touch, featuring high-quality components for a smooth and enjoyable ride.
9-11 yearsClearyCleary OwlA durable bike with a beautiful paint finish, combining style with performance.
12+ yearsPelloPello RoverAn all-terrain bike for adventurous girls, designed with durability and versatility in mind.

These bikes are excellent options for girls who want a bike that reflects their personal style. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a bike that your child feels comfortable and confident.

Balance Bikes vs Pedal Bikes For Girls

When it comes to choosing between a balance bike and a pedal bike for girls, you should consider their age and abilities. For younger children, we strongly recommend starting with a balance bike, which helps them develop balance and get comfortable handling bike without worrying about pedals. Once they are used to gliding and balancing, they will be ready for a pedal bike. We do not recommend using training wheels, as they can slow the learning process.

How We Make The List

To be listed as one of the best bikes for girls, we considered several criteria that prioritize safety, confidence, and the preferences of kids. Our selection process focused on the lightweight nature of the bikes, as young girls usually are smaller than boys. By choosing a lightweight bike, girls can drive their bikes easily and comfortably with handling bike.

Research has shown that lighter bikes significantly improve a child’s confidence and riding skills, allowing them to explore more freely and safely.

We also made sure to include bikes that come in a variety of feminine colors, such as pink and purple for girls who like a bike with their favorite color. These colors not only add some personalization, they also make the biking experience more enjoyable.

Studies have shown that feminine colors bikes help girls feel a stronger sense of ownership and connection to their bikes, leading to increased excitement and motivation to ride.

Furthermore, we considered bikes that inspire confidence in kids. To achieve this, we looked for bikes with a low height, stable geometry, and an upright riding position. These features provide a sense of stability and control, allowing girls to ride it more comfortably. For more information on why should buy a bike that is easy to control, we suggest reading our article “Why Easy-to-Handle Balance Bikes Matter

Research indicates that the right bike geometry and riding position promote better balance and control, allowing girls to develop their riding skills and build confidence at their own pace.

Finally, safety and durability is also important in our selection process. We carefully evaluated the safety features of each bike, ensuring they met the industry standards such as reliable brakes, handlebar grips, and protective structures. Durability was also a key factor, as we wanted to recommend bikes that are built to last and still suitable as the child grows.

Choosing a safe and durable bike makes sure that girls can ride with peace of mind and enjoy their biking adventures to the fullest.

The Best Girls Bike Brands

When it comes to shopping for girls’ bikes, it’s often best to consider the brand. We point out several brands that are known for producing high-quality bikes that also look good. Each brand offers its own features for the specific needs and preferences of different girls.


Woom is a renowned brand, one of the best in creating bikes for kids. Their top priority is lightness, making their bikes easy for girls to handle. Focusing on safety and ergonomics, Woom bikes offer an excellent riding experience for girls of all ages.


Prevelo is best known for bikes with quality components and attention to detail. Their bikes are designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. With lightweight builds and a children-friendly size, Prevelo bikes are both reliable and fun.


Cleary bikes are known for their durable steel frames and beautiful paint finishes. They offer a range of bikes for girls, including options tailored to the smaller ones. Cleary bikes provide a comfortable and stylish option for girls who want to ride in style.


Pello bikes are built to handle all kinds of terrain, making them a great choice for girls who love exploring. With well-known components and durable builds, Pello bikes provide a reliable and enjoyable riding experience for girls of all ages.


Frog bikes are known for their variety of colors and designs, allowing girls to choose a bike that matches their style. These bikes are not just stylish but also well-designed with children-friendly sizes and custom-made components for optimal safety.


Guardian bikes prioritize safety with their innovative SureStop braking system. This technology provides faster and more controlled braking, ensuring the safety of young riders. With a range of affordable options, Guardian bikes make high-quality bicycles accessible to all.


Priority bikes stand out for their unique maintenance-free design. With the grease-free belt drive system, these bikes require minimal upkeep and deliver a hassle-free riding experience for girls. Priority bikes offer a range of models to suit different riding preferences.

BrandKey Features
WoomLightweight design, safety features, ergonomic construction
PreveloQuality components, lightweight builds, child-appropriate geometry
ClearyDurable steel frames, beautiful paint finishes, comfortable design
PelloAll-terrain capability, brand-name components, durable build
FrogVariety of colors and designs, custom-made components, child-appropriate geometry
GuardianSureStop braking system, emphasis on safety, affordability
PriorityMaintenance-free design, grease-free belt drive, versatile models
little girl riding her pink bicycle in park

Best option in our opinion?

When it comes to finding the perfect bike for your child, Woom Bikes are a top contender. Renowned for their exceptional quality, Woom offers a range of bikes specifically designed for girls. What sets Woom Bikes apart is its focus on creating lightweight bicycles that are perfect for children, especially girls.

One of the best features of Woom bikes is their ultra-lightweight design. These bikes are engineered to be as light as possible, making them easy for girls to handle and drive. This is very beneficial for girls, who tend to be smaller and lighter than boys at this age. By riding a very light bike, Woom ensures that young girls can ride comfortably and confidently.

Another key feature of Woom bikes for girls is their low height. The standover height refers to the distance between the top tube of the bike frame and the ground. Woom bikes are designed with a lower standover height, making it easier for girls to mount and dismount the bike without any difficulties. This low height help young kids- especially girl – tremendously, allowing them to feel in control and safe.

Woom bikes also have an upright geometry, which makes for a comfortable riding position. This upright stance promotes good posture and a more relaxed ride, reducing strain on the back and neck. With their ergonomic design, Woom bikes are built to offer a smooth and enjoyable ride.

In addition to their exceptional design and engineering, Woom bikes also offer a range of fun and functional styles for bicycles. From brightly colored helmets to stylish gloves, Woom provides everything your little girl needs to complete her cycling ensemble. These accessories not only add a touch of flair to her bike but also enhance safety and comfort during her rides.

Variety of colors and designsAllows girls to choose a bike that matches their personal style.
Custom-made componentsEnsures a high-quality, durable build for long-lasting use.
Child-appropriate geometryProvides a comfortable and ergonomic riding position for enhanced comfort and control.
Dual handbrakesOffers optimal safety and control for young riders.

So, what’s the best bicycle for girls?

In conclusion, when searching for the best bicycle for girls, it’s important to consider key factors such as weight, design, safety, and durability. By selecting a reputable brand that offers lightweight and well-crafted bikes, you can ensure that your daughter or granddaughter has a positive and enjoyable riding experience. Our ultimate guide has provided you with top picks and valuable recommendations to help you make an informed decision.

Whether your little rider prefers a balance bike or a pedal bike, there are options available to suit her individual needs and preferences. Remember to take into account her age and skill level when making a choice. Following the age guidelines and suggestions outlined in this guide, you can confidently select the perfect bicycle for the girl in your life.

If you want more in-depth details on how to choose a bike for your child, check out this video:

With the best bicycle for girls in hand, she can embark on exciting adventures and develop her cycling skills. Happy riding!


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